Wine Brandy ENISELI, Georgia

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Trial package - 6 Qvevri-Wine
SAPERAVI Qvevri red dry, CHVENEBURI Qvevri red dry, RKATSITELI Qvevri white(Orange) dry, KISI Qvevri white(Orange) dry, MTSVANE Qvevri white(Orange) dry und MTSVIVANE KAKHURI Qvevri white(Orange) dry.

Instead of € 156,20 you pay only € 125.

All bottles 0,75L


125,00 Euro
Bagrationi 1882 Finest Vintage Brut, Georgia
Methode Traditionelle 100% Chinuri
Georgien, JSC BAGRATIONI 1882

Bottle size: 0,75 Liter
Base price: € 39,33 pro Liter

29,50 Euro
Trial package 6 Saperavi  (Bottle with screw cap)
SAPERAVI red dry 0,75L x 6 bottles

For a trial package of 6 Saperavi instead of €42, you only pay € 39!

39,00 Euro