Wine Brandy ENISELI, Georgia

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Wine Brandy GREMI, Georgia
Georgian Wine Brandy 15 years old, JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli (established 1533)

Bottle size: 0,7 Liter
Base price: € 92,86 pro Liter

65,00 Euro
ALAZANIS VALLEY(Bottle with screw cap), Georgien
Georgian white semi-sweet wine made from Rkatsiteli grapes grown in Kakheti region.

Bottle size: 0,75 Liter
Base price: €
11,20 pro Liter
8,40 Euro
KINDZMARAULI(Bottle with screw cap), Georgia
Georgian semi-sweet wine made from Saperavi grapes grown in Kindzmarauli appellation, Kakheti region.

Bottle size: 0,75 Liter
Base price: €
19,33 pro Liter

14,50 Euro
The white dry wine MTSVIVANI KAKHURI Qvevri made from late harvest hand-selected premium autochthonous Mtsvivani Kakhuri grapes grown in Kindzmarauli vineyard. This wine aged in Qvevri (huge clay amphora buried into ground) for 6 months and then in Caucasian oak barrels for 3 months. The vine Mtsvivani Kakhuri is a very rare almost extinct vine which our winemaker Tamaz Konchoshvili has it saved and is now cultivated in our own vineyard.

Bottle size: 0,75 Liter
Base price: € 30,00 pro Liter

instead 22,50 Euro
Only 17,50 Euro