Postcard "Self - Portrait"

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KVARELI, Georgien
Georgien red dry wine produced from autochthonous Saperavi grapes grown in Kvareli appelation, Eastern Georgia. This wine aged in barrels of Caucasian oak for 24 months.

Bottle size: 0,75 Liter
Base price: € 17,33 pro Liter

13,00 Euro
RKATSITELI (bottle with screw cap), Georgia
White dry wine produced from Rkatsiteli grapes grown in Eastern Georgia.
JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli (established 1533)

Bottle size: 0,75 Liter
Base price: €
8,67 pro Liter
6,50 Euro
Postcard  "Berlin - always hip and sexy. II"
ARS PRO DONO - Collection. Moris. Ukraine. 2015
1,50 Euro
Postcard "Self - Portrait"
ARS PRO DONO - Collection. Andrey Pozdeev. Russia. 1979
1,50 Euro